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Machinery safety



Why is safety important? 

There are dozens of serious or fatal accidents in the industry each year. Every such event is, first and foremost, a tragedy for both the employee and his relatives and the employer. A safe workplace is a natural right of every person, and working safely makes it easy to work productively.

How much it costs?

It costs much less than you would have to spend to cover the cost of an accident. Of these, only 10% are expected to avoid safe workplaces. The remaining 90% is the invisible part of the iceberg.

What are the stereotypes?

The most common stereotype is that safety is implemented at the cost of productivity. Such a statement is only correct if inappropriate, insufficient or redundant safety systems are selected. Finally, working quickly but dangerously should not be an option.

What is Boplalit mission in safety?

Boplalit wants to raise awareness of the need for safety. At the same time, we aim to offer the optimal solution that would meet the customer's needs to the maximum, as well as meet the requirements of the directives.

What are the possibilities of Boplalit?We can help you discover tools to solve problems in the market. Ensuring safety under the existing requirements may seem confusing, but we can advise and show you the right way.